Humpday Huzzah! Sabine Jemeljanova Shares Her Sweet Teat Treats For Goodness Sake

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When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you go it alone. Hmm, never quite understood those lyrics, until maybe now as I eyeball my object d' lust Sabine Jemeljanova flashing her glorious peaches in Zoo magazine. Maybe having a super hot girlfriend with a ridiculously hot body would actually make you an outcast in your social circle. Your buddies would rather check out your lady then ever watch a ballgame at your place. Your female friends might just disown you, and your lecherous Uncle Ray would be talking to your girl all the time about his high school football days in his attempted sexy voice. It could be ugly, and alone.

But then you get Sabine alone time and I have to think that makes up for all the troubles and pains of the day. The undressing for the making of the sexy. Maybe if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you take an ugly girl and make her your wife. On this mid-week celebration of all things sextastic, I'll take Sabine and an early grave. Huzzah!

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