Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless Art of Seduction

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Well, I certainly feel seduced. Long time buxom brunette favorite Sammy Braddy is giving a lesson in the current edition of Zoo magazine on the art of alluring gentleman. You'd think it was a pretty simple art, but if that were the case, then every girl would have millions of men ogling them with extreme desire. But this is not the case. Girls like Sammy Braddy are built for visual wonderments, but they do also possess the unique ability to seduce through the camera. You've all seen the horribly failed amateur candids, so you know what I'm talking about on the flip side.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate the middle of the week with the middle part of some very sextastic ladies fine female forms. Sammy Braddy, seduce away. I've brought my cowboy hat and rain boots. I'm good to go. Huzzah!

(Check out Sammy Braddy on Zoo for more Braddy boobtastic wisdom and goodies.)

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