Irishka A May Not Have a Last Name, But She's Got Wicked Hot Starters

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I don't know who Irishka A is, I suspect she's a lady whose obvious and glorious bodily charms extend into the world of more grown-up type visuals, but I am told by longtime EgoReader 'Daniel' to whom I owe a mighty favor that any discussion about who has the most amazing yabbos has to include Irishka A.

Her abbreviated last name clearly does not relate to the size of her ridiculously hot funbags. In this regard, Daniel is mightily on target. Seeing Irishka in various poses and preens topless does make me want to propel her immediately into my top ten ta-ta's list, along with approximately 119 other fetching ladies. Although, I'm hesitant to promote this kind of behavior from all of you. Next thing you know, my mailbox will be filled with some of the hottest women with the finest bodies from around the world. How horrible would that be? Enjoy.

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