Jodie Gasson Topless Selfies Are Simply Boobtastic Wonderments for Ta-Ta Tuesday

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When we began with the topless selfies, we entered a new stage of consciousness I had longed for since the time I had my first thought of girls being naughty. Let's roughly call this age three. Sure, I love seeing the sextastic bosomy ladies being shot by professional photographers, but when these same lovelies share their own hotness with the world via handheld camera, wow, it's candidly arrousing.

Jodie Gasson has a body I'd like to dive into and stay for the winter. The manner in which we would survive the cold temperatures awaiting spring would someday make an erotic tale banned from sale in all civilized nations. Steamy and intense. Jodie's female form is like a playground with a sign warning you to prepare for the possibility of excessive chaffing. I am so so ready. Keep on clicking away, Jodie, you are making us very happy here. Enjoy.

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