Kate Moss Bikinis Up to Hang Out With Her Topless Friend on a Yacht

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I'm not exactly sure why Kate Moss was unusually modest in keeping her bikini top on while her friends was enjoying the full Mother Sun benefits off the coast of St. Bart's on a massive yacht owned by Sir Philip Green, the Topshop retail bazillionaire. It did remind me that I am only 379 easy payments away from owning my own topless supermodel covered sloop. It may not be as majestic as this floating mansion, but it is rated to travel in waters up to 20-feet in depth.

I'll say this for Kate Moss, she knows how to vacation in style. She doesn't do the Motel 6's along the byway while discovering knick knack stores. Nope, it's usually some world class port of call and a private beach or yacht. I'll also say she's holding up quite nicely for a model now officially in her 40's, and with a long track record of some hard core partying. Good genes. Nice bikini. Enjoy.

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