Marysol Patton See-Through Bulging Wet Bosom at Miami Beach

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Well, like I've been saying, the competition is very rough at Miami Beach. If you're one of the mid-40's Bravo housewife divorcees like Marysol Patton you can bet you're already facing an uphill battle. And nothing says I'm ready for battle like wearing a sheer top without a bikini on underneath as you splash your big newer funbags in and out of the ocean. It's definitely a strategy, one I highly endorse at that. You can't just show up without a plan.

Marysol Patton, you may not quite have the game of the dozens of 20-something international models flocked to South Florida to show off their Pilates and God-given genetically blessed bodies, but you've got style and veteran know-how, my dear lady. I applaud you and your wet boobtastic. Enjoy.

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