Miley Cyrus Topless Again, This Time She's Lady Godiva on a Horse

Miley Cyrus can no longer be labeled as a shy girl. Granted, she lost that label perhaps at age twelve, but now it's triply official. In this latest peek at the pop star she's riding quite topless and bare-arse nekkid on the back of a horse statue of some kind. Lucky horse statue of some kind. The photo comes from a set shot by Olivia Malone for Miley's Adore You Remix promotional art. I'd say this promotes the gravelly voiced singer alright. I'm not sure I want to buy her music, but I do want to buy that horse if nekkid Miley comes with.

Miley does keep herself quite lean and it's ever so delightful to see her bare funbags in yet another memorably fully visible position. I'm pretty sure I could sculpt Miley anatomically perfect at this point. I might just get started. Enjoy.

(Thank you to 'James' and several other EgoReaders jumping in on the Miley topless sightings.)

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