Nekkid Girls Talking About Nekkid Girls? Oh, This is a Thing Alright

Sometimes, I think to myself, damn, Bill, you are one T&A obsessed prurient B-student. It's times like these I call up my buddy Mr. Skin to see what he's up to to remind myself I'm really kind of an altar boy, relatively speaking. And this Naked News project is a doozy.

You know all those craptastic bubbly chick (or hipster dude) in front of a green screen celebrity minutes you can see a million times a day on Yahoo and the rest of the web. What about if instead of covering pop star breakup news, they were covering the real news, like who was getting nekkid on TV? And, then, just for kickers, what if that hot girl announcer was getting nekkid herself while showing you other celebrities getting nekkid? This is like Costanza having sex and a pastrami sandwich. It's almost too much, and, yet, it's ever so perfect.

It is the new Naked News and you really must check it out. I don't see how this doesn't go through the roof. Sorry, cast of E! and OMG. You're S.O.L.  Enjoy.

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