Nieves Jaller Topless Tasty Latina Fun Time Treats Take a Nekkid Wet Dip

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You may recall Nieves Jaller as one of the two hottie Argentinean women in a love triangle gossip mags battle over Ale Sergi, he's kind of like the Adam Levine of Argentina. And I'd say one lucky bastard. Why can't I have two smoking hot glamour models fighting over who loves me the most, then forcing me to challenge them to prove who does with a Herculean list of sexually deviant acts to perform. Yeah, I probably shouldn't wait by the door for that one.

While I'm not sure where this 2013 scandal has headed, I am quite sure that Nieves Jaller won't be without a boyfriend for very long, based on her latest pictorial in H Para Hombres magazine where she bares her glorious topless female form, and a little on the bottoms, to show that she's clearly not a girl who stayed home on prom night. I love nothing more than a good Sudamericana bitch slapping topless gossip girl fight. They really have perfected that fine art. Enjoy.

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