Pamela Anderson Nekkid Newly in Artistic Shade of Purple

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Who said Pamela Anderson had lost a step in the body revealing department? Okay, maybe that was me. But at 46, Pamela Anderson, with a little help from bells and whistles, can still knock your socks off when topless and nekkid and all kinds of revealing as she is in Purple magazine.

Now, it's not like we haven't seen Pamela Anderson topless before, but considering she's been going at it for well over two decades now, you have to be impressed by the sheer longevity of a particular skill, much like NFL running backs, that has a decidedly short 20-something's lifespan. But Pam just keeps on going and going, providing happy private time material for yet another generation of young men. You know, provided they read French style magazines. Enjoy.

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