READER FINDS: Mena Suvari Topless, Jenna Fischer Showing Off, The Girls of Nymphomaniac Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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It's time. It's Friday and with the end of the work week comes the opening of the reader mail bag. Yes, that mostly means notices from phishers in Turkmenistan, but also the vaunted glory of the skintastic photo submissions from all of you, to all of you. Like a drum circle, except filled with celebrity funbags, rather than soft mid-level managers trying to find their testosterone. It's time for Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Annie Sorell nekkid hotness in the onscreen shower (thanks to EgoReader 'Robert'), lovely Roos van Montfort topless modeling pictures (tusen takk to 'Jorgen'), Jenna Fischer in a bikini top showing off her prego-nees (much gratitude  to 'Positively' who knows my weak spots), a close-up look at Eva Green bulging puppies in 300 (kudos to 'Sam for his closeups), purportedly leaked cell phone pictures of Miami model Elizabeth Christine flashing her body (an odd bit of thanks to 'Crassius'), Sandra Bullock early filmwork making of the sexy (delivered by 'Devon'), Melanie Griffith also way back when and topless (much ado about the funbags by 'Steven G.'), Laura Dern topless in her memorably screen role (more wayback ta-ta's from 'Evers'), Kate Groombridge topless in Virgin Territory (spied kindly by 'Russ'), Stacy Martin and Charlotte Gainsbourg baring all in the controversial Nymphomaniac (indie freaky nekkid goodness via 'Cheryl B.'), Kelly Preston bare puppies on the silver screen (Mrs. Travolta was such a hottie, as evidenced by 'Bowman'), Mena Suvari topless indie cinematics (dropped off by 'Terry C.'), Shannon Elizabeth crazy hot in one of her finest photo sets (blessings of the visuals from 'Denny'), Maria Sharapova wicked hot modeling pose down (game set match thanks to 'Pendy'), Ione Skye topless in The Rachel Papers (bringing back the 80's the right way by 'Barry H.'), Demi Moore topless in her classic Striptease performance (implanted goodness donated by 'Douglas'), and Brazilian hottie Mily Cunha reminding everybody to come visit Brazil soon (many thanks to 'Sweets'). Something old, something new, something borrowed, something to make you feel less blue. Enjoy.

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