Rihanna Flashes Pink Panties Beneath a See-Through Skirt, It's What's for Dinner

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Look, Rihanna doesn't like wearing clothes. If you modern societal people are going to insist she wear clothes in public, she's not going to wear much, and when she does, more often than not, it'll be completely see through. Now, maybe the idea of getting arrested in Santa Monica for public indecency wasn't super appealing, so Rihanna did manage to put on a pair of pink panties beneath her entirely see-through skirt when out to dinner last night. But make no mistake about it, Rihanna wants you to see her lady fun parts.

Rihanna has been showing off from the very early days of her public life. When her nekkid cell phone pictures were leaked, she was one of the very few ladies in Hollywood to simply say, yeah, I look effin' amazing nekkid, go have your fun. I've always admired that about Rihanna. She has a sweet female form. She knows it. She flaunts it. And, now, check out her panties. Enjoy.

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