Shay Laren Topless Poolside Treats for Ta-Ta Tuesdays

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One of our readers brought the rather delectable Shay Laren to our attention last Fall, now I must say I very much look forward to seeing her fine female form in my virtual neighborhood. Not that I'm spying or lurking in some sinister way. Oh, no, the cow bell I'm forced to wear as a bizarre deal made with 16th century law enforcement on peeping toms makes that nearly impossible. But for Shay Laren, I might just let the humiliating bell clang away for her powers of allure, doubled down with her topless reveals poolside, make everything seem worthwhile.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the fine and faptastic goodness of girls like Shay who bring so much happiness to so many men and our dear Sapphic leaning women. She's a giver. There ought to be some kind of medal pinned to her chest. I volunteer for that particular duty. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out for a plethora of wicked hot Shay Laren visuals.)

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