Tetyana Veryovkina Nipple Pokes in a Colorful Bikini on Miami Beach

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How can we not accept our Ukrainian friends into our arms and homes during these tough times. I volunteer to house, feed, and, as necessary, bathe Tetyana Veryovkina until these dark days are dismissed. The Ukrainian model surely doesn't look in need of much aid or comfort as she nipple poked in a bright bikini along the Miami shoreline. But looks can be deceiving. It's quite possible she's hurting on the inside, the very part of her I intend to comfort first.

Tetyana is a very fast rising star in the bikini modeling world, catching the eyes of the likes of Sports Illustrated and every man who passes by. Tetyana, I am totally here for you. Whatever you need, whenever. No job is too small, no loofa too large to scrub your back. I am the Giving Tree. Enjoy.

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