Tsubasa Amami Is Japanese for Wicked Hot Topless Model Likely to Make You Hurt Nicely

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Mmm, Tsubasa Amami. I am more than in love, I'm in deep deep lust. That kind of intense feeling a man gets just moments before he knows for certain he's about to do something so epically stupid and he cares not. Yes, I know you know that feeling.

Our tour of the Asian continent, specifically at this moment, an island off the mainland known as Japan, provides the fertile grounds for a red dress striptease by the lovely glamour model Tsubasa Amami. Her name may be difficult to pronounce for many Westerners such as myself, so I've decided to nickname her 'Hottie Who I Wish to Know Carnally'. Just wow when that red dress comes off. Just wow. Enjoy.

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