Abbey Clancy Bikini Pictures Asstastic on Dubai Holiday (Yes, I Want to Grab Her Butt Too)

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I never much get past Palm Springs adjacent for my vacations. And, by Palm Springs adjacent, I mean the first Native American desert casino that offers free drinks at the low dollar card tables. But hot model and WAG types like Abigail Clancy get to go to Dubai for their thrice a season holidays, to show off their wicked hot bikini bodies, and in the case of Abbey Clancy, one stellar fine and perfectly yoked booty.

Man, her thumper deserves exotic holidays to far away lands. Why not share a gift of that magnitude with the entire world. I've never thought the Middle East made for a particularly awesome vacation destination, but sextastic women are internationally accepted and reversed. If anybody or anything can bring understanding across borders, it's Abigail's derriere in a tiny thong bikini. Just picture perfect. And caress perfect. And a couple other things perfect that would require a sketch drawing for me to explain properly. Booty! Enjoy.

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