Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga Have Mastered the Art of the Covered Topless Bikini Poses

I'm not sure if these two models were posing for a photoshoot, or just doing their damnedest to create one million erections along Miami Beach, but French style hottie Anais Zanottiand her Brazilian blonde model pal Ana Braga were putting on quite the hold-your-own funbags festival beneath the midday sun. Now, we'd obviously prefer if these two international ladies of the sextastic would unfurl their full flags and let them wave in the wind, but we can also appreciate the fine art of the tease, even while being supremely jealous of their hands.

Someday, some smart kid on the beach is going to realize that by getting close to these hand-bra girls and blasting an air horn, he's going to get the peep of his life. I hope that someday is very soon. C'mon, teen boys of Miami, step up your game. Enjoy.

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