Anna Ewer Caught Topless During Photoshoot Wardrobe Change on Venice Beach

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Add to my bucket list young beautiful German supermodels on the rise. I don't mean for me to have private passion time with. Hey, even my bucket list reeks of realism. Just to perhaps be the guy who gets to change wardrobes on the sextastic rising model star Anna Ewer for instance as she changes clothes for a complicated shoot along Venice Beach.

Just when I thought her deep sweet cleavage was going to be the highlight of the shooting day, along comes some model industry standard on-the-spot wardrobe changes revealing Anna's delicious looking ewers for the entire peeping world to see. Well, I peep, then bring them to you. Because you have real work to do. Like approving that piece of paper or clicking that thing. Hey, you deserve a little gotcha sweet supermodel topless views. I get that. Enjoy.

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