Becca Goebel Nekkid Hot and In the Rain for VOLO Magazine

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Let's just call VOLO magazine my favorite periodical at this point. I can't imagine that there'd actually be a magazine dedicated to the highest art form of hot nekkid women in a natural state, but there is, and I am quite bemused. Tickled really. Or, in the least, quite preoccupied.

Becca Goebel is one of those alt brunette models that makes me realize I'd give up my entirely worldly possessions to go nude bowling with. If only she'd ask. She is quite nekkid and wet out in the rain in this quite mesmerizing shoot for VOLO. Full frontal and furry and just utterly passion inducing in her simple posing with an umbrella. Oh, to be that lucky lucky metal fence. A man without dreams is hardly a man. Enjoy.

P.S. Be sure to say hello to Becca on Facebook, let her know Egotastic! sent you and that you'd like to lick her toes. Maybe not that last part.

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