Claire Muzik Wears See-Through Panties for a Hot and Naughty Photoshoot in Huntington Beach

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If you happen to like hot Czech models and see-through panties, then this photoshoot is just for you.

I guess the laws about the public displaying of the lady nest are a little looser down Huntington Beach way, because Claire Muzik took her hot body photo object self down to the surfing capital for a little show and tell me how much more to show for the cameras. Not that I'm complaining. I'm mostly whimpering and capturing some of these photos for my next talk to the neighborhood kids on where babies come from. I am very civic minded. Plus, sometimes, I get some 18+ girls looking for a refresher because they missed sex ed back in the day because they had mono.

Claire Muzik, you are my new hero. You and  your lady nest are cordially invited to my next dinner party. Don't be surprised if the mansion and multitude of VIP guess indicated on the invitation turns out to be just me and my studio apartment smelling of Costo potpourri. It's called creative license. I'll warm the cheese. Enjoy.

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