Cora Keegan Topless and Tasty Artsy for Finnish Trends

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We've taken quite a shine to Cora Keegan of late. The plucky model that could. As in, could get all kinds of showy with her crazy hot body for the right kind of artistically inclined photoshoot. Like this little number in Finland's Trendi magazine. I must admit, I don't have many subscriptions to Finnish periodicals, and the name Trendi somewhat portends a magazine not up my alley, but a silly topless pictorial of Cora Keegan definitely belongs prominently in my sextastic neighborhood.

She's so effortlessly hot. I know there's effort, but it just seems not so. Maybe that's because I tend to sweat a lot when I see her perfectly pout bare boobtastic. If it takes a Finnish style magazine to provide peeps of Cora, so be it. I shall grab my fiddle and play a dance number. Enjoy.

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