Cora Keegan Topless Beauty Anon For American Treasures in Two Parts

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Cora Keegan may actually be the least Puritanical and body hesitant American model in the high-end model marketplace. Cora keeps coming through with more and more alluring captures of her sweet naturally and exposed body in more stylistic shots from Chris Shintani.

I not only applaud the ridiculously hot body Cora maintains for the benefit of the gentleman oglers, I rise, as it were, to honor her willingness to keep her social contract and bare her Mother Nature borne gifts with the rest of the world. What a tragedy that so many amazing looking women spend so much time trying to decide how best to cover up their passion inducing female forms. They could save so much time and trouble and fortune merely by being the giving type, like Cora. Long may she reign. Enjoy.

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