Courtnie Quinlan and Her Yams of Glory Take on Mellisa Clarke and Her Sweet Peaches in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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That old slogan make love not war always seemed kind of silly to me. Unless you always have the option to do the first, you can get a bit grumpy which can lead to the latter. So I like to put forth, ogle funbags, not make war, as I can guarantee you an endless stream of some of the finest boobtastic this side of the known galaxy every day here on Egotastic! In fact, we have so many delicious funbags, we're pulling the finest of our melons and pitting them against one another in a mocked up competition we like to call The Battle of the Boobtastic. Now this, and the NFL, are two kinds of brutal mano a mano I can truly get behind.

This week's BoB pits the fierce and fiery chestal beauties of Courtnie Quinlan versus our favorite alt brunette naturally hot Mellisa Clarke. Two women, four perfect plums, but only one winner. And it's up to you to decide. Betwixt these two visions of bare bosom perfection, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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