Dita Von Teese Covered Topless Performance At Revolution in Florida

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Everyone's favorite burlesque star Dita Von Teese showed off her goodies at a performance at the Revolution club in Florida. The brunette beauty hit the stage wearing spangly bottoms and pasties on her nips. I say that she was "covered topless" but you could pretty much see everything. A couple of stickers do not make you clothed. Dita danced around, dumped water on herself in a giant champagne glass, and generally made the audience feel something stirring in their bathing suit areas. Dita's work harkens back to a simpler time when exotic dancing was classier than it is today. It was all about teasing and flirting and not just dry humping for twenty bucks a song. Dita is painfully gorgeous. I wonder if she's coming to do a show in New York anytime soon? It's not stripping it's performance art, right?

I wonder if she applies the pasties on herself or if it is some lucky person's job to stick those on her pert nips? If so, what did that person do right in their last life to merit that reward?

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