Eiza Gonzalez Is Muy Caliente In Sheer Dress

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Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez was out and about in West Hollywood with her breastes out and about. She barely covered her hot tamales up with a sheer black dress that left little to the imagination. It was tasteful. You couldn't completely see her nips and there was just a hint of side boob. Eiza has been around for a few years now in the Spanish speaking world. I remember seeing her in one of the telenovelas my mom watches back about five years ago. I would crawl into my little bed alone and dream that one day Eiza would allow me just a glimpse of her candy filled piñatas. Today is like a dirty Christmas for 'ol Jack.

Eiza is currently trying to make the crossover to the American market. She wants to be the next Sofia Vergara or Shakira. I'm all for this kind of meaningful cultural exchange. Her chesticles will be like cultural ambassadors.

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