Emily Ratajkowski Topless Kind of in the Shower, Most Definitely Crazy Hot

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You might care what room of the house Colonel Mustard is in, but when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski and her being topless or nekkid, I care not the room or location of theme, I care only to feast my peeps once more about one of the hottest bare bodies on this entire spinning orb we call home.

Standing in a shower in this Mark Sacro photoshoot, Emily flashes her epic chestal treats in a boobtastic close encounter of the most stiffening kind. She really is an incredible gift from Mother Nature to man-kind, one that does not forsake her obligation to share her good body fortune with the gentleman ogling community. The term hero gets tossed around so loosely these days, but Emily Ratajkowski is my hero. And I know exactly where I'd like to pin her ribbon. Oh, Emily, you are quite maddening. Enjoy.

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