Emma Glover Will Make Your Heart Flutter, Your Palms Sweat, and Your Knees Weak (Other Body Parts May Be Affected As Well)

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Damn, I do believe I'm in love with Emma Glover. If love is that knot you feel in your stomach or potentially lower organs every time you see a crazy hot brunette with massively perfect mammaries removing her top on camera. And I'm pretty sure that's exactly what love is.

In her new photoshoot for our friends at Nuts magazine, Emma takes us behind the scenes of her simple, but powerfully passion inducing jugular reveals, dropping her teasy top to reveal the finest pair of funbags this side of heaven. Emma, someday, you and I will have to go for a Starbucks coffee. And that day will be the day they open up their first clothing optional coffee house. I don't like their brew, I just want to get strange with you. Call me, I'm in the book under Horny Bastard With Zero Shame, I'm the 987,000th guy listed. Enjoy.

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