Gabriela Ahualli Topless Asstastic Argentinean Hotness (Oh, She Also Likes Girls)

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Gabriela Ahualliis my new favorite person in the world. The Argentinean hottie young model and hostess on many silly Spanish language variety shows declares in her new spread in H Para Hombres magazine that in addition to boys, she digs brunette girls and finds that she has no limits in the bedroom, no taboos, though she prefers to dominate both sexes in her boudoir. Um, okay, you're my favorite. As if that wasn't perfect enough, Gabriela is baring her wares for the magazine, including her sweet boobtastic and one of her homeland's simply finest booties. It really is something special and perhaps the reason she seems to be dancing around in supremely short skirts on most of her TV appearances.

Yes, I'm in love once again. Amor as Gabriela might call it as she's ordering me to pick up her stripped off lingerie with my teeth. Oh, to be dominated by an Argentinean girl with devious intents. Enjoy.

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