Go Big Or Go Home: Tessa Fowler Topless Green Bikini Tease for a Ta-Ta Tuesday

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Last week I had a lengthy discussion with my friend Donnie the Weasel over whether or not funbags could be too big. I didn't bring it up, Donnie did, but he also brought over the Coors Party Ball, so who am I to not let him have his say. Two grown men sitting around discussing whether or not boobs can be too large seems pretty damn weak, but a couple of three or nine Coors can help put an edge on an otherwise relatively lame conversation. My conclusion as always was that Donnie needs a real girlfriend and I need to stop drinking the same beer I drank in high school. Albeit, free beer remains forever the best brand.

I'll let you decide for your own-self if there is a too big as you lay your peeps upon the prominently plump chestal goodies on glamour model Tessa Fowler. We've somehow missed Tessa in the past, which is an achievement of dubious sorts given her ample and then some bosom. Personally, I've been chasing glorious hooters of all shapes and sizes my entire life and I don't intend to quit any time soon. I just love the ladies and their fantastic parts. What can I say, they complete me. Enjoy.

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