Jessica Davies Shows Her British Love Mounds

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British hottie and clothes removal expert Jessica Davies shows off her Rue Brittanias in this amazing topless shoot. Jessica sports some pretty revealing lingerie in these pictures. You know, that stuff your girlfriend only wears on your birthday. But I can almost guarantee that your girlfriend doesn't look this good. I like Jessica because she has just enough meat on her to make her look healthy but hasn't crossed over into the "needs to cut back on the Oreos" phase. Her breasts are just the right size too. Not too small but not so big that handling them will give you carpal tunnel syndrome. I've always thought that a good rule of thumb is what I call the yarmulke test. Would her cup size be too big or too small for me to wear on my head to the synagogue.

I believe that I could totally sport Jessica's cups to schul without causing too much of a fuss. I go to a very progressive synagogue.

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