Jessica Kingham Topless in Lingerie for Zoo Magazine

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Supermodel Jessica Kingham shows off her luscious love mounds in this month's Zoo Magazine. In this spread Jessica sports the classic combination of frilly lingerie and bare breasteses. Those two things go together like ham and cheese, Oreos and milk, and naked hot chicks and high heels, (which she also wears). Jessica is one of those classic girls next door types. I mean, she doesn't live next door to me, but she looks like the hot girl in your high school who was also nice and would talk to you even though you were kind of a dork. She looks like the kind of girl you could take for pizza and a movie and she wouldn't think you were a cheapskate. Maybe I'm projecting, I'm just saying that that is what her pretty face and bodacious funbags tell me. Yes, I can read a girl's personality traits from her bosoms.

It's a gift but it's also kind of a curse.

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