Jodie Gasson Topless Selfies Continue to Do the Sextastic Trick and Then Some

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Oh, hello there, Jodie Gasson. How quite nice of you to be snapping photos of your own curvaceous goodness for super sharing with your fans and all those who delight in the fine female form in all its boobtastic splendor.

How can you not applaud a woman with the delicate graces of Jodie Gasson extending her arm and removing her top and capturing all the fun in her spectacular funbags for the sake of posterity. The term selfie really shouldn't be used in cases where the full self is not exposed. I don't need to see you in a sweater in front of a waterfall. Show me your exquisite celebrity body without any clothes on beneath that waterfall. Then you may use the term selfie. If only the world existed according to my rules. Well, me and Jodie's rules we'd make while in the tub together. Dare to dream. Enjoy.

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