Joey Fisher Udderly Delicious Behind the Scenes of Her Topless Shoot

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Joey Fisher really is starting to climb the charges of my busty brunette Britty glamour model charts. Yes, there's a chart. It's a 3-D bar chart and it sits on my table to remind me that I once took an Excel class and the only thing I've ever done with it is make charts about faptastic full funbags. Though I knew that going into the class.

Joey is featured in video stills from behind the scenes of her latest Nuts magazine photoshoot and baring all kinds of outrageously ripe melons dangling from her lovely lady body. Her dangle is downright perfect. If you're not dreaming of role playing Dairy Farmer Bob while peeking at Joey Fisher, you need to get your imagination maker fixed. It probably needs a reboot. Enjoy.

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