June Walton Topless Dutch Teats, Err, Treats for Glam Jam

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I do so love a Dutch woman without her clothes on. Well, and skates or wooden shoes, naturally. They grow them tall and blonde and super sextastic in the lowlands of Flanders where the language is impossible to understand, but you don't need to say much but 'hubba hubba' when perusing the long line of statuesque fair haired hotties of the land.

June Waltonmay sound like an innocent character from an old American TV family show, but she's anything but G-rated in her pictorial in Glam Jam magazine, the periodical for the big boobtastic fantasy living in every man's subconscious. June is all that and a butterscotch candy as my grandfather used to say when he was leering at women one-third his age. But, it's true, I can almost taste the butterscotch while ogling June's curvaceous female form. Never discount grandfathers, they've been doing what you're doing right now for much longer than you. Enjoy.

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