Mellisa Clarke Topless Selfies Are The Face, Err, The Boobtastic of Things to Come

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No offense to photographers, I truly respect your art. But candid selfies are here too stay, big time. And in their natural evolution to topless awesomeness, they are only to become more and more widespread as fans of super alt-brunette hotties like Mellisa Clarke get an even more intimate peep at her spectacular peeks by way of her own hand and camera.

On Mondays we like to kick off the week by bestowing our gratefulness upon the fine women of funbaggery who give us the visual treats that keep lamentation at the doorstep, and let only happy thoughts invade. Mellisa Clarke has a body built in the Naughty Factory just a couple paces south of Heaven. Primed and ready for little selfless selfie exhibition. Enjoy.

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