Mellisa Clarke Topless Selfies Provide Glorious Global Glimpses on a Ta-Ta Tuesday

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There's really no more special gift a crazy hot woman can give to the world than to start taking selfies of her sectastic hot body and share it across the universe of desirous men and Sapphic leaning women. Mellisa Clarke is a giver. No doubt. And what she's giving is especially special given the supreme fineness of her female form. Snapping pictures of her own hot self underneath her pink top, on and off, flashing this way and that. This has to be why Al Gore invented the Internet.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the best of the chest among the women we find so crazy hot and passion inducing. Kicking it up another notch by taking her own damn photos is just Mellisa's way of owning our hearts and other vital organs just a little bit more than usual. Bless you, Mellisa. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out a ton more Mellisa Clarke on her official site.)

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