Michelle Lewin Works Her Booty to the Point of Asstastic Perfection in Miami

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Amazing thumpers don't just grow on trees. Oh, that they did. I'd live beneath that tree. They are both born and then shaped through hard work and sweat and sacrifice. Thankfully, I don't need to do any of those hard things to ogle Michelle Lewin and her toned round thing working out in Miami.

Michelle Lewin might just have the finest bottom side in the tough town of Miami. But it doesn't come easily. She stretches and squats and tugs that thing into its perfectly shaped submission. And, she obligingly does so in public, in tight stretch pants and a sports bra so that we may see precisely how the tastiest sausage is made. It really is quite the exhibition. I can only imagine the car accidents that ensue along her stretched out poses. Sacrifices must be made for the asstastic. Enjoy.

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