Natasha Belle Wicked Hot and Topless Beer Pong for a Ta-Ta Tuesday

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I may not actually survive this combo between the gloriously hot and delicious nekkid body of Natasha Belle and the world's great game, Beer Pong. Okay, technically it is a sport, more so than golf, but I don't want to be clubbed with a five iron, while I do most definitely want to be beat about the face and mouth by Natasha Belle's outrageously passion inducing funbags.

Granted, I was never cool enough to get invited to the hot college parties. I spent most of my time in the library trying to find classic porn. But I always believed the party houses were packed with girls like Natasha Belle stripping out of her clothes for a game of pong and chugging. In reality, I know it was mostly a giant sausage fest, but I liked to feel sorry for myself. But, pity be gone, and enter Natasha Belle, whose very use of the ping pong ball to almost sort of cover her lady nest may be the best tease I've seen in some time. Natasha Belle, marry me. Enjoy.

(For all your Belle boobtastic needs, check out the official Natasha Belle website.)

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