READER FINDS: Penelope Cruz Topless, Lori Loughlin in Lingerie, and Much Much More...

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Well, hello there Friday morning. Like a solid smack in the face from a pleasant smelling fish. Hmm, that analogy needs work. Either way, it is indeed my favorite day of the week. Beyond the free food in the conference room provided by a generous donor who doesn't realize we stole his credit card three years ago, today is the day before Saturday that we open up the Reader Finds email bag and take in its benevolent and bosom filled beneficence. I look forward to this day like a prison looks forward to his conjugal. With pretty much the same preparation too.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a redux look at Nicole Kidman in her best ever topless role (thank you good EgoReader 'Dex'), my belusted Naomi Watts in her own topless cinematic turn (blessings and good fortune to 'Roman'), Penelope Cruz quite skinematically topless (ooh laa laa via 'Charles T.'),  Breandha Haddad topless in la pelicula (a new face and a new hot body from 'Omar'), the unknown topless hotties from the Dukes of Hazzard (yeehah brought to you by 'Rebecca'), Rosie Huntington Whiteleyholding her own for Pirelli (luscious looks from 'Andrew'), the slightest of nipple slips from Cameron Diaz in The Counselor (eagle eyed by the eagle eyes of 'Bob P.'), black and white nekkid hotness of Anais Pouliotand Anna Berendregt and Zippora Seven (triple shot of goodness from 'David M.'), a maybe (I'm not totally convinced) full teat slip of the sextastic Kimberley Garner (kudos to you for your efforts 'Rob'), Demi Lovato lacy bra and cleavy peeks (sweet pickup by 'Eli'), a woman purported to be Britty thespianic Helen Skelton topless on a beach vacation (yet more topless goodness from yet another 'Rob'), Lori Loughlin classically 80's hot in bra and panties (stellar wayback find from 'Owen'), Kate Winslet quite topless and making the sexy in The Reader (tossed into our yard by 'Frank T.'), Abbie Cornish topless and Britty onscreen (funbags provided by 'Damon'), Jessica Alba cleavy in ice cream promo pics (Alba goodness by way of 'Rubio'), more Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her topless model friends shooting for the Pirelli calendar of a couple or three years ago (the more the topless merrier thanks to 'Stacey'), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue Italia (a lovely bit of Windy City hottie by 'Terry'), Nicole Fox topless and quite dramatic (funbaggery via 'Kelly K.'), Elsa Pataky also baring her fine upper wares (a promise delivered from 'Gerry J.'), Sharon Hinnendael quite nekkid in the cool show Look (quite cool she's hot via 'Tomas'), Sofia Vergara sextastic shoot of a decade ago (always wow from 'Les'), Marion Cotillard topless and quite French (the lusty puppies freed by 'Stuart'), and Lea Thompson topless in her classic 80's film role (all the right boobs by 'Stevie'). What a blessed day indeed! Enjoy.

Okay, a couple video submissions as well to wet or whet your whistle.

A product promo video from 'Peter S.' that he produced featuring hottie model Constance Nunes...

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