READER FINDS: Rose McGowan Nekkid, Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, Rita Rusic Topless, and Much Much More...

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Talk about your growth. When Reader Finds first began in the Cowsill Holler, it was but a fledgling project, a small campfire gathering of like minded individuals sharing their favorite ogle worthy photos. Now, it's burgeoned into some kind of beautiful monster, a mass weekly barrage of the finest in sextastic celebrity visual wonderments. It's like watching your baby grow up into a much bigger baby. I can only imagine. I am proud.

This week's Reader Finds includes the righteously nekkid Emily Ratajkowski with a fresh resolution look at her infamous Treats teats (thank you to EgoReader 'Bennet'), a redux look at Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman nekkid shower scene (Silverman lady nest shall never sleep thanks to 'Wayne'), Chloe Sevigny not so surprisingly topless onscreen (topless peeks from 'Tan'), the topless hotties of the vastly underrated Old School (much obliged to 'Dustin P.'), Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in the great 80's (darling topless goodness via 'Wendy'), Orlando Bloom new girlfriend Nora Arnezeder topless in a French film (Orlando done well as evidenced by 'William'), more French actress Ludivine Sagnier nekkid in another subtitled flick (mon dieu! courtesy of 'Franklin'), veteran body hottie Rose McGowan in sweet stills from her little nekkid dancing selfie (blessing bestowed by 'Henrik'), Scarlett Johansson wicked hot in black and white shoot (ScarJo sextastic from 'Dullie'), Behati Prinsloo topless early on (V.S. angel goodness dropped off by 'Sanchez'), Crystal Lowe in some bare funbagged thespianics (sweet bare tops handed off by 'Rodney F.'), Nikki Ziering and her spectaculars in some lousy movie (blonde bombshells exposed by 'Denny'), more Greta Scacchi topless big screen work (much kudos to 'Penn'), Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, otherwise known as our sweet Inna, topless from her music video shoot (somebody named 'Devon' knows of my fondness for all things Inna), Ron's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard topless in her memorable role (another notch on the belt of 'Ellen'), Christina Ricci super boobtastic bared for camera (more classic ta-ta's by way of 'Pinkie'), Gwyneth Paltrow topless back when everybody loved her (your Sir Francis Bacon cooked by 'Steve T.'), Holly Hunter topless when we loved to see Holly topless (throwback Thursday on Friday via 'Tom'), an even better view of Rosario Dawson full frontal (another soon to be timeless classic from 'Ricardo'), gal pals Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti topless from the Bunny abroad (blessings bestowed by 'Cpt Drake'), new V.S. hottie Britt Maren topless modeling pics AND Natalia Vodianovatopless modeling pics (oh, very much obliged indeed to 'Chris'), the British and bosomy Kelly Reilly topless in the moving pictures AND Bria Murphy sideboob AND Jessica Szhor topless treats AND even more Natalia Vodianova topless (wow, the quadfecta contributed thoughtfully by 'David M.'), Lady Gaga recent nipple flash (eagle-eyed by 'Infiniti'), Rita Rusic topless as a 20-something and again at 50 (both supremely hot finds by 'Anzio'), Australian Instagram hottie Sjana Elise Earp pose downs (provided by her biggest fan, 'Sam R.'), and last but not least, a couple sweet upskirts of Blake Lively and Una Healy (dually transmitted by 'Andrew B'). Thank you every so much. Without you, there is no me, and by that I mean, you have to help me pay my past due bills. Enjoy.

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