Rebekah Underhill Nekkid and Smoldering Wet in the Tub for Dry

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New York based model Rebekah Underhill has that certain 'it' quality, or so says EgoReader 'Dave H.' who insists she's going to be huge. I can't help but wonder if Dave isn't more referring to his own personal reaction to being a superfan of Rebekah, albeit I'm quite in agreement as to her killer alluring looks and ridiculously hot body as on display in this Alessandro Casagrande shoot for Dry magazine.

As always, I applaud any of our sextastic professional class willing to show off their Mother Nature blessed treats for the benefit of all mankind. When they're as passion inducing and hot female formed as Rebekah, I applaud with vigor. If only the rest of the good looking lady world followed Rebekah's confident path, I do believe I'd end up hurting myself. Enjoy.

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