Rihanna Topless and Bottomless and Hot All Over in Uncensored Lui Magazine Sneak Peeks

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Remember those pictures of Rihanna flashing her bare booty in the air for a wild and wooly poolside photoshoot. Of course you do. Well some of those Mario Sorrenti shot photos for the wonderfully new Lui magazine have arrived on the digital scene and they are, well, Rihanna hot. And even naughty by her standards. Bare top, pierce headlights, bare bottom, tan lines, the whole nine yards.

For anyone who's ever busted on Rihanna, I want you to consider how much she's given this sextastic celebrity world of ours. Rihanna has been constantly pushing the envelope of skin revealing photoshoots and candids ever since her own topless shower selfies were leaked to the public and she said basically, meh, have fun with them, public. I've lusted her ever since. If you can't bring yourself to lust this ridiculously hot all over body, at least respect the attitude. Enjoy.

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