Seira Yamakawa Takes Off Her Dress for Topless Boudoir Hot Times

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Whoa, baby. When we first set sail the good ship S.S. Egotastic! for Eastern shores, who knew the levels and depths and veritable flavors of sextastic goodness we would find among the glamorous set in the Orient. Our wildest dreams have been surpassed by manyfold. I feel bad for the previous explorers who merely came back with pasta or breadfruit or sugarcane. Laying eyes upon a visual treat feast such as Seira Yamakawa is ever so much more enriching to the body and the soul and that body yet again.

Seira manages to look innocent and yet desperately naughty at the same time. I may be overly interpreting one or both of those sentiments. But I'm feeling it. She certainly knows how to take off a dress, and how to impress once undressed. I'd allow her to be my tour guide inland of the Japanese islands. Maybe take me to meet her crazy hot cousin with the personal boundaries issues. I'd like that. Enjoy.

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