Topless Models in Denim Jeans, It Is Mostly Definitely a Thing

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I don't like to fight. Not because I'm not the utmost in manly male toughness, but because I always lose. You know that expression about 'pick your battles', well, I always pick the wrong ones. So I should've known better when EgoReader 'Mel C.' argued with me over some comment I made about girls in certain wardrobes being the hottest looking ladies on the planet. I neglected to mention topless girls in jeans apparently, which sent Mel C. into a rant about how I am as wrong as wrong can be and I don't deserve oxygen, or something like that.

I was going to fight back until he sent a solid book of evidence, presented herein. You may see some faces you recognize, you know, if you are looking at faces. But I am ready and open to admit my own omission on behalf of hot topless girls in denim. This really is a thing. A really good thing. Enjoy.

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