Abigail Ratchford Covered Topless Bikini Photos Reveal a Big Pair of the Luckiest Hands in the World

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If I had a body like the stupendously curvaceous Abigail Ratchford, I'd probably never leave the house, let alone the bath tub. You can believe I'd be earning my long distance learning degree in massage therapy working entirely on myself in a bubble bath followed by several jars of unctuous lotions rubbed in every so slowly but constantly. And handbras, well, they would be a must for all public occasions where my world class nipples might be deemed to publicly shocking to the young people or on Facebook. Hence, I'd be grabbing my own big bare puppies constantly to secure my modesty.

Such is the source of my jealous for the hands of Abigail Ratchford, the new brunette star in our universe. And not merely because Abigail was born of coal in the Pennsylvania fields, or maybe the suburbs, but because her body as shot in a bikini by Raquel Rischard on the beach in Malibu is essentially a Disneyland for adults. I don't need to tell you where Splash Mountain drops you, use your own imagination. Or, if you're lucky enough to be Abigail Ratchford, use your own hands and build your own fantasyland. Enjoy.

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