Alyssa Arce Is Black and White and Topless Beautiful Funbags Hot All Over

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It's unfair to say I'd love a girl merely because she has some ridiculously hot funbags. If you throw in the fact that she has a killer body and all over lust inducing good looks, then, yeah, who am I to say I'm immune to confusing primal passion with romance. I am like most men, we're not so good at distinguishing the two.

Alyssa Arce topless with her friends by the water is almost too much to bear. The black and white photoshoot by Leonardo Corredor is an homage to hot topless bathing beauties with boobtastic appeal. Because it's black and white, you know it's art. Because it's Alyssa Arce flashing her stunning udders, you know it's art for guys. I like when things are simply hot. Enjoy.

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