Anais Pouliot Topless Sweaty Hot Poses for L'Officiel Paris

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Lots of people will be hitting the beach this weekend, the unofficial start of the suntanning season for us regular folks. But not many will look quite as crazy hot doing so as French model sextastic Anais Pouliot. Just the right amount of sand sticking to her mostly nekkid body in this topless beachy pictorial for L'Officiel magazine in Paris. Even her moles seem to be singing an ode to her sweet hot body goodness, though that might be me whistling a French anthem while imagining Anais and I trapped in a Parisian apartment with nothing to eat but fromage and each other.

I happen to be a big fan of hot topless French girls at the beach. If only the French topless beaches had more of them. Alas, they are an iffy visual proposition at best. But, today, rejoice in the beauty that is Anais Pouliot who looks ever so much better without her bikini top on. Enjoy.

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