Asa Stensson Swedish, Topless, and Dramatic in Black and White for Wolf Magazine

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I guess I'm one of those small number of people who dig hot blonde Swedish models. I know, we are few in number, but our feelings are earnest toward the fair haired perfectly boobtastic Nordic angels. Girls like Asa Stensson featured dramatically in black and white in this new pictorial in Wolf magazine, the periodical that takes sextastic women and gets them to take their clothes off in settings more dramatic than my living room-kitchen combo room.

Asa Stensson reminds me that all hot women taking their clothes off is a big deal, no matter how many times I view daily. Also, it's best not to get too cheeky with Swedish girls taking their wolves for a walk. You have to pick your moments if you want to keep your bobos intact. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Wolf Magazine

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