Bryana Holly Covered Topless Hot And Pimping Jeans in Black and White

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I really do have a thing for Brody Jenner's model ex-girlfriend. It's always hard for me to fathom breaking up with a girl as wicked hot as Bryana Holly, no matter the stories that you'd tell me to go along as explanation. But that's just me, a sucker for hot blondes in jeans and no tops hanging out and posing for photographers.

We've seen a number of stellar Bryana Holly photoshoots now, enough to let me know that this girl has enough talent to be doing more serious modeling, while still maintaining her roots and coming to my house in a French maid's costume to pretend dust. Why can't a woman have it all? I'd certainly love to see all of Bryana Holly, just ever so damn hot. Enjoy.

(Since all the Ego ladies are asking, Bryana is wearing DSTLD Jeans.)

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