Coco Topless Candids From Her Vanity Vixens Burlesque Show

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Thanks to our good buddy Igor at (and to Widget on Twitter) for his personal snaps of Coco in her more memorable moment of her burlesque show. And, by memorable, we don't mean her song and dance routines. We mean topless. At some point in the show, Coco does remove her sparkly top to reveal her even more sparkly funbags. We couldn't be more pleased, or eye strained.

Coco isn't exactly a shy girl when it comes to body exhibition, but she does usually manage to keep her chestal goodies in some kind of containment. Not today, good people of Egotastic land. Feast your eyes upon Coco's tremendous teats and just imagine the roar of your motoroboat engines revving well into the dangerous red gauge zone. I'm in the same dream at the moment, so if you see me, do say 'hi'. Quietly please. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Driven By Boredom for the Village Voice

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